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At Tarasi Law, we assist homebuyers, sellers, owners, brokers, developers, contractors, landlord, and tenants with their real estate legal services. We understand the ever-changing world of real estate can quickly become overwhelming when there is a lack of resources and support. Having an attorney by your side that understands the legal implications and requirements of real estate decisions in Pennsylvania can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.
Whether you are looking to sell or buy a residential or commercial property, your attorney plays an essential role in ensuring the transaction goes smoothly and is the most beneficial to you.
At Tarasi Law Firm, we offer services to help you during each stage of your real estate process.
Services offered at Tarasi Law include:
Closing – One of the biggest transactions you will make in your life is purchasing a home. Closing is the final step of this significant life decision. With a real estate lawyer from Tarasi Law, we will be by your side from the beginning to end of your transaction. No matter what type of property you are investing in or selling, we make sure you are not taken advantage of, are offered a fair negotiating price, and fully understand the terms and conditions of the contract.
Real Estate Development – Every successful transaction begins with a team of qualified and experienced professionals committed to securing the best possible outcome. All buyers and sellers are encouraged to have a skilled Pennsylvania real estate lawyer from Tarasi Law review their documents and offer consolidation advice to ensure our clients successfully reach their particular goal.
Leases – Leases can be difficult and confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with the terminology and legalities. From a buyer or seller’s perspective, lease agreements can make or break the deal. Our local real estate attorneys can guide and advise you as you draft your leasing agreement. Our experienced property law team can also help draft all other documents related to the property and work to guarantee everything covered in the agreements is in line with Pennsylvania state laws.
Landlord and Tenant Issues – In a perfect world, landlord and tenant disputes wouldn’t exist. However, these disagreements are a reality of owning or renting a home and should be treated seriously. The attorneys at Tarasi Law represent both landlord and tenants in disputes and evictions. Under Pennsylvania law, tenants are ensured specific tenants’ rights. Even if they have fallen behind on rent payments or violated their lease agreement, they are still guaranteed certain protections that must be taken into account. For landlords of residential and commercial properties, the legal team at Tarasi Law provides services ranging from drafting lease terms and negotiating violations to security deposits and evictions.
Preparing and Refinancing Mortgages – Time is essential in all real estate transactions. The attorneys at Tarasi Law can help prepare mortgages as well as all the preparing and filing all the other documents needed to conclude a property sale.
Our services also extend to those who’ve already finished the initial stage of buying a home. If you are facing foreclosure, it might not be too late to refinance your mortgage. We are ready to take legal action in court if necessary, dispute with banks, look into a misstep taken by financial institutions, or helping you sort out payments.
Our attorneys are not only invested in you but in the local real estate market and understand the challenges that come with it. We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective practical advice. Our attorneys are ready to work with you and resolve your personal legal goals to secure the home of your dreams.
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If you have real estate questions, we have the answers. The real estate lawyers at Tarasi Law will answer all of your burning questions and ensure that you have a seamless real estate transaction for the purchase or sale of your home or business. Call our office located in Pittsburgh for a free consultation and find out how our experienced real estate attorneys can help you. Call Tarasi Law at 412-391-7135 or email us for a stress-free transaction and get the best advice about your pending real estate deals. We look forward to speaking with you.

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